Trouser Sock

There’s no question that socks are pieces of clothing that are essential in any wardrobe. Socks have become a part in many of your daily outfits, whether you’re dressing up for your 9 to 5 job or getting ready to conquer that five mile jog. However, not every fashion ensemble calls for the same kind of pair of socks. As such, we at Hue offer our consumers an assortment of women’s socks to suit the needs of every type of individual. Nothing ruins the sleek silhouette of a tailored pair of trousers more than wearing the wrong pair of socks under them. Crew socks, gym socks, and other regular types of tube socks tend to be made with bulky fabrics, creating an unattractive profile when worn under pantsuits, slacks, and formal trousers. They also don’t really go well with the kinds of shoes that one is supposed to wear with these outfits. However, there are times when going bare-legged simply isn’t practical or comfortable. For those situations, you can turn to Hue’s line of trouser socks. These knee-high pairs, available in a variety of styles, colors, and thicknesses, are the best way to cover up your legs without ruining the look of your trousers. Check out the collection below.

Trouser socks are an absolute closet essential, especially for women who live in colder climates and desire a bit of extra warmth and coverage while wearing trousers, slacks, or tailored pants. Designed to be narrower in profile and longer in length than regular socks, they are virtually invisible under bottoms that are tapered closer to the legs. Hue’s trouser socks are available in the traditional knee-high length, offering absolute coverage whether you’re standing up or sitting down. You can also choose from a variety of deniers from totally opaque to sheer. Shop from our extensive collection now!