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Adding a few pairs of Hue’s corduroy and faux suede leggings will help you expand your wardrobe without going over your budget or running out of closet space. Our Corduroy and Faux Suede collection offers a comfortable and form-fitting feel and a versatile flair, and the items that belong to this line can easily pair well with the other clothes in your closet. Our designs come in many different colors and sizes, so you can easily find a pair that will complement your existing collection of clothes.

At Hue, we want to create clothing that complements your everyday wardrobe and allows you to express your style as effortlessly as possible. That’s why our Corduroy and Faux Suede leggings come with features for ease of use and comfort. Some of these include a comfort band that allows you to move without restrictions, as well as a high rise silhouette that flatters every body shape. Additionally, our leggings are super easy to maintain. Our faux suede leggings, for example, are crafted from a material made from an animal-friendly blend of polyester and spandex. This fabric makes the leggings stain-resistant and less susceptible to water damage. Because of this, they fare better in the washing machine compared to real suede bottoms.

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