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Crew socks are by far the most common type of sock out there in terms of length. They hit just a couple of inches above the ankle, below the calf muscle. Comfortable, adaptable, and highly versatile, crew length socks have endured in popularity throughout the years and are largely considered by most to be the best “everyday” socks. Most novelty socks are crew length, and they’re a great way to show off your personality or highlight the footwear you’re wearing. Hue’s fun, fresh, and fashionable options are available in a wide variety of fun colors, whimsical patterns, and artful designs. Shop the collection now.

Here at Hue, we don’t see crew socks as boring or outdated. We think they’re timeless and classic accessories, and that every woman should have at least a few pairs of them in her sock drawer. Why? First of all, they’re incredibly comfortable. Crew socks are usually made with thicker fabrics and are great to wear during transitional seasons when you want to add just a touch more warmth to your everyday looks. They’re also very versatile—you can pull your crew socks all the way up for maximum coverage, or cuff them or scrunch them down to your desired length. So, what are you waiting for? Find your new favorite pair by browsing Hue’s crew sock collection now!

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