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When you have a reliable pair of opaque tights in your closet, you’ll feel comfortable wearing your favorite skirts and dresses during winter. Since opaque tights have a higher denier than sheer options, they offer more warmth and coverage on the legs. However, they’re thinner than blackout tights, so they feel lighter on the skin. In order to enjoy the functionality and versatility of opaque tights, you need to make sure they’re made from high-quality fabric. You also have to make sure that they hug you in the right places, so you can move without any restrictions. Fortunately, Hue’s collection of opaque tights are designed to pair well with your clothes and provide you with a comfortable fit.

We at Hue are committed to creating opaque tights that not only refine your silhouette, but also allow you to put together fresh, fun, and fashionable outfits all the time. That’s why we offer many different kinds of opaque tights, so you can easily find pairs that suit you. We have your basic black must-haves that come with body-shaping qualities, which help refine and accentuate the outline of your legs, thighs, hips, and tummy. We also offer opaque tights that come in a range of colors if you’re looking for pieces that can give your outfit a fun accent. We even have items that feature stylish designs, like deco patterns, to add a bit of playfulness to your ensemble. Our opaque pieces are soft, comfy, and won’t roll down even after a long day, so you’ll always feel confident when you wear them.

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