our story
began when...

Two New York City artists in 1978
took a pair of cotton shoes, bleached
and dyed them in a rainbow of
colors and the fashion world went
wild! Vogue featured them and
Henri Bendel was the first customer.
These shoes dyed in exotic colors
were selling like hot cakes.

Next, these two artists turned their
attention to the legwear department
and HUE evolved commodity tights
into a fashion accessory by adding
colors galore, print and texture.

our evolution

From its modest beginnings, over
4 decades ago, HUE has evolved
into the #1 brand in casual legwear
and a leader in sleepwear. As
trailblazers in the marketplace
HUE has created innovative products
from colored tights 40 years ago to reversible leggings today. HUE
is constantly creating, rethinking
and innovating fashion. It’s where
the ordinary becomes extraordinary!